• The cold-press processing of the non-GMO canola seed yields pure oil, the food source for Meredian PHA and keeps the price competitive for global demand.

  • Non-GMO canola seed has been cultivated for the inaugural crop to be planted in the fall of 2014, and harvested in the spring of 2015.

  • Local farmers welcome the ability to plant canola twice per year, as well as to farm crops like cotton, peanuts or soybeans over the summer. Canola actually benefits the soil rather than depleting it.

Agrofacturing™ is the trademarked process which Meredian, Inc. has embarked upon with the integration of canola farming, crushing and cold-pressing of seed into oil, and the resulting Meredian, Inc. manufacturing of PHA into pelletized products for the world marketplace. Meredian, Inc. has selected canola seed for the chief component in their patented manufacturing process for PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate). 

Canola is a crop local to the Bainbridge and Decatur county area of Georgia, and many area farmers are familiar with its cultivation and advantages, when there is a guaranteed market for the seed which is harvested.  Meredian, Inc. is pleased to embark upon this exciting venture, thus assuring a stable and pure source for their biopolymer process, and providing a guaranteed market for the local farming community which doesn’t compete with food sources.