Meredian, Inc. is currently repurposing a one-million square foot facility, just adjacent to the corporate offices, to serve as the regional plant for AgroCRUSH. This processing plant will clean and crush canola seed into oil by a solvent and toxin-free, cold press process.  Meredian uses the pure toxin-free oil for feeding the microorganisms which create their patented PHA product.  Any canola oil remaining unused by Meredian from this cold-press process will be pure, food quality oil, and can be sold as such in the marketplace.  Additionally, the “cake” portion of the seed cold-crushing process which yields the canola oil can even be made into fertilizer and livestock feed, with no waste.  Meredian, Inc. expects the AgroCRUSH plant to be able to process the first harvest of seed in the spring of 2015 from the full-scale planting to take place later this year.

This video is an example of the crushing process on a Kern Kraft KK40 oil press machine. Cold pressing prevents toxic solvents from affecting the overall quality of the canola oil, yielding a pure, filtered product that is ideal for feeding the Meredian microorganisms to yield the purest possible PHA.